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Eclipse Theatre LA is proud to present a virtual monologue competition with preliminary rounds in March, June, and September and the Grand Finale in December 2021. 


Six monologues will be shown on the fifth Wednesday of the preliminary rounds months. A panel of three judges will select one “Judge’s Choice” winner and the public will choose the “People’s Choice" winner. Winners in each categories will receive a $50 cash prize.


The two winners from each preliminary round (Judge’s and People’s Choice) will compete in the Grand Finale in December.  The finalists can enter the same monologue, but it is highly recommended that they submit a new monologue for the Grand Finale.  The winners of the Grand Finale will receive a $100 cash prize for “Judge’s Choice” and a $50 cash prize for the “People’s Choice.”

Guidelines to apply:


1. Each monologue must be original.  It does not have to be written by the performer, but if it is not, the author needs to provide written permission for the monologue to be performed.

2. Monologues can be dramatic, comedic, or a combination of both.  Please keep in mind that they should be appropriate for all audiences.  Please do not include excessive cursing, sexual, or controversial content.

3. It is strongly encouraged that the taping of the monologues be done creatively.  The monologues will be judged on the merits of how they are written, performed, and presented.

4. Individuals of all ages are encouraged to submit a monologue.

5. Monologues must be pre-recorded and run less than five minutes. 

   How to submit your monologue:

  • Share the recording with (through dropbox, google drive, ect.)

  • Performer's Name

  • Author’s Name (if not written by the Performer)

  • Name of Monologue (optional)

  • One sentence summary of monologue​

6. Please pay the $15 entry fee via PayPal (button below). The $15 entry fee covers the costs associated with reviewing the monologues.  The fee will not be returned if your monologue is not selected for inclusion in the virtual programs.

Deadline: The 20th of March, June, and September.  Please limit entries to one per preliminary round.



Ghost Writer Offer: Eclipse Theatre LA is happy to provide you with an experienced writer if you feel the need for one. Please let us know if you’d like to take advantage of this opportunity and we’ll pass along a name and contact information. After that, it will be up to you to talk with them to figure out the type of monologue you two want to work on together as well as credit and division of prize money if you win.

The legal stuff: By submitting a monologue to the Monocropolis competition, you are granting Eclipse TheatreLA the right to include your monologue in a virtual program that will be shown on YouTube and promoted through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social and traditional media outlets.

For additional questions contact us via email at